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I am a wanderer with a split heart
For three nations that gave me a home.
A triad of language, a silhouette of art,
My lips don’t articulate in monochrome.

I studied philosophy in the Far East,
Won a scholarship in Scandinavia,
Fell hopelessly in love at mid-twenty,
Got a dream job in…

Ten competitions with $0 entry fee. Some have no age or nationality restriction. Aspiring poets — it’s time to get the recognition you deserve!

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

I’m sharing a secret with you.

This year, I am entering a lot of writing competitions. I want to expose my work to judges and stretch my writing muscle to the limit.

I don’t care if the prize money is $10 or $10,000. …

Plus 3 sites to find shareable GIFs when I don’t need to make my own

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

GIFs have taken the internet by storm and now they are unstoppable.

People love them because they are eye-catching and tell stories that static images simply can’t do.

When used appropriately, they have the power to make an article stand out and keep readers engaged.

There are many websites that…

A great inspiration to all of us aspiring writers who perform other roles

Image source: Shutterstock — Made in Projector by Author

The “Big Quit” or the “Great Resignation of 2021” has been on the headlines for months. Here on Medium, I’ve read a number of articles encouraging people to leave their boring jobs and focus on their passion.

That made me ask the question, how many famous writers had day jobs…

I tested Projector and made this image easily!

Image source: Shutterstock — Made in Projector by Author (see the animated version below)

I had never heard of Projector until I saw Ev Williams’ announcement, Medium Acquires Projector. He said the purpose is “to innovate on the core Medium experience and build amazing tools for creators.”

Trevor O’Brien described Projector further as a platform to “turn ideas into flexible, multimedia stories that could…

With animated graphics to help me evaluate: Do I stay or leave?

My four months on Medium — Image by Author

Today marks the end of my honeymoon phase on Medium. The period of discovery and romance is over.

I know the platform’s strengths, and I have learned to accept its imperfections. Although I still enjoy an occasional bouquet of roses, I am no longer swayed by curation or statistics.


The leadership styles I witnessed and how they affected the workplace

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The job of management is not supervision, but leadership. — Dr. Deming

I had good managers almost all my career, but one stood out from the rest. Let’s call him John. He was not just a manager by title. He led people. He had followers.

Under his leadership, I became…

Cheryll MV

I write to simplify and inspire.

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