About Me — Cheryll MV


Cheryll MV
1 min readNov 25, 2021
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I am a wanderer with a split heart
For three nations that gave me a home.
A triad of language, a silhouette of art,
My lips don’t articulate in monochrome.

I studied philosophy in the Far East,
Won a scholarship in Scandinavia,
Fell hopelessly in love at mid-twenty,
Got a dream job in the Land of Opportunity.

So forgive me when I crave manila mango,
But miss picking raspberries in the hillside.
I live in the southwest but long for snow,
I dance fast though the music is mellow.

From where the sun rises I see wonders,
And where it sets the colors display kindness.
I used to carry the world in worry,
But saw the sea parted a million times for me.

There is no other reason — I write because I’m thankful,
And hope my words can somehow return the favor.